One of the hottest DJs in the world right now!

Surely you have heard from her before. She was the resident DJ of Germany’s most successful club THE PEARL BERLIN where even Baeu Justin Bieber is hanging out. She is only 22 years old but already on top of the game. Whenever she releases a mixtape it appears in the Mixcloud charts. Major brands like MTV book her and Grammy Awards winner Eric Bellinger requested her to DJ on stage with him but he is not the only one. Superstars are fighting about who is first in line to work with her.

It is the mix of everything that makes her unique. A girl that knows how to handle turntables and is looking smoking hot while playing the coolest records YES that can only be DJ Palina La Diva. Palina is known to have THE GOLDEN EARS in the music industry – it’s like she just knows today what is gonna be the next hit tomorrow. That’s why everyone wants a piece of her. No wonder that Superstars like Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas wants to hang out with Palina. Singer and Billboard Award winner Leona Lewis flew out to Berlin only to listen to Palina La Diva’s Set at THE PEARL BERLIN.

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I got her for a quick Interview:



Current location:

New York City

Birth sign:


Best way to manage the summer heat:

Hydrate! I can’t give advice on what to wear as I’ve recently worn leather shorts in this heatwave.

We love your style. Did you always know your aesthetic or did you eventually grow into it through trial and error?

Thank you! I would say I’ve had eras of different styles. There are times I look back at old images and cringe, but like anything else, you live and you learn.

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Can you describe a few moments where you pushed yourself or didn’t let something defeat you?

Prior to me being a DJ, I had many different jobs — sometimes I’d go to the bathroom and break down in tears because I knew I was meant for more. Those experiences made me a stronger individual and I was able to grow from those times.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Definitely touring around the world and producing music

Any advice for People who are looking to enter into the music industry?

Stay focused! You can’t pay attention to everything that’s happening around you. Take the time to build yourself and know that “no” doesn’t mean you’re not good, just means someone else hasn’t discovered you yet.


She already has a huge fanbase across her official social media accounts such as more than 14.000 followers on Instagram and the numbers are going up from day to day.

Palina’s Instagram feed is super entertaining so be sure to follow her there @PalinaLaDiva

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